In another thread that was going way off track....there was discussion of a Police stop while we were cruising in a certain red '69 SS 396. Ronnie told the story pretty vividly about how the female officer had him on the ground with weapons drawn. Now he was at the rear of the car...and I was at the front discussing things with the other female it certainly could have happened back there the way he described it. I dunno, ...but here's some of the background story.

We lived about 50 miles or so from Dallas and of course since Corsicana was officially a "dry" town...there were often trips to the Big D to partake of refreshing beverages. Now one of our best ploys was we had discovered that most bars would grant the bachelor free drinks if it was a bachelor party. So for a couple of years we just rotated who's turn it was to be the bachelor and worked our way around town. It worked great until we discovered that waitresses seem to rotate around too and sometimes we were recognized. But a good tip usually kept everything at bay.

On this particular day we headed to Dallas early on a Saturday afternoon because Car Craft had recently been there and anointed the area around the old Blue Max performance center as THE place for cruising and hanging out. We wanted to get there early. Apparently, if the place wasn't "THE" place before the was afterwards. When we got to the 'strip" we found it already pretty busy. And as we discovered, the Police were not too enthused with the added traffic and were doing their part to encourage folks to leave. There was no drinking at all involved at this point.

We were cruising down the street in a 40 MPH zone and as Ronnie dropped to 30 MPH as we went through an intersection. The officers were sitting on the other side of the intersection and of course I saw them.. they weren't trying to hide. With that in mind, I made sure I was moving well under the speed limit..or at least I thought I was, I was clocked at 32 MPH in a 30 MPH zone and they "lit us up" with the red and blues and pulled us over. Seriously having no idea why I was being stopped...I'm sure I had a confused look on my face when she walked up to me. Now back in those days, it was common courtesy to get out of your car and greet the officer. At the time, officers liked that so they could see you completely and keep an eye on I was standing by the left front fender when she approached. Nowadays they aren't too hip on folks getting out of the car.. which I still have trouble remembering!

She immediately started reading me the riot act and was talking about impounding my car and how we were all going to jail! I'm like huh?

They did have us all get out of the car and then they started putting the car through a full safety inspection. I mean we checked the horn, the taillights, turn signals, 4 ways, hi/lo beams, marker lights, tire tread depth, wiper blades etc. etc. It was insane. Somewhere in here is where Ronnie mentions "assuming the position". After a LOT of discussion and about 45 minutes, they let us go with a warning ticket for a license plate light not being bright enough.

Well..the fun of cruising was long gone by this point and it was obvious no one was going to be doing any of that around there. They were stopping every car that looked like a musclecar.

So what are a bunch of boys to do? Yep...go find a place to drink!! ( I might mention here that TX drinking age was sort of fluid around about that time and those of us in the "limbo" area had been grandfathered to be legal at 18 vs. the new 21 laws).

But here's another sign of the times that could/would NEVER happen today. On the 50 mile drive home after a night of revelry, we were pulled over again about 10 miles from Corsicana by a TX Highway Patrol officer. Once again I met him outside the car and before we started talking he shined his flashlight inside the car to see that the other 3 occupants were pretty much sound asleep. He asked me where we had been and I told him. He asked me if we had been drinking and I told him yes. He asked me where I was going and I told him about 10 miles further. He then said..."Do you know how fast you were driving"? I said "Yes sir....I was driving 45 MPH". He said " That's correct...why were you driving so slow". I told him that was about as fast I felt safe driving at 3 am and after a long evening of fun. He said..." were doing very weren't weaving or here's what you do. You get back in the car and make sure you don't exceed 45MPH the rest of the way home!" And that I did!

Times were different....not sure if that was a good thing...but at the time I was certainly appreciative and we all made it home and crawled in bed!

JIM (540hotrod)