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first gen f-Body trans mission crossmembers

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  • first gen f-Body trans mission crossmembers

    All, its hard to believe but still in 2017, 48 years after the last 1st gen F-body rolled of the assembly line, there is still mis understanding on what it takes to correctly (geometry/ergonomically install a bbc into a sbc chassis)

    I was moving my crossmembers to new storage and decided to share a little info with you guys, here are 3 1st gen crossmembers, 2 sbc and one bbc/400 firebird,
    notice that the crossmember on the left is offset to one side by about a 1 inch maybe a little more,its very obvious
    All sbc 1st gens, use the type of crossmembers on top of pic, They CENTER the engine and trans in the front subframe,
    All 67-69 PONTIAC FIREBIRD and 67 1/2 to 69 Camaros use the crossmember on the bottom, it along with the right motor mounts moves the engine and transmission a little more than a inch to passenger side of the car, for exhaust manifold clearance with the steering Box!!!

    Also note that all 67-69 firebirds from day one use the offset, so if you find any 67-69 firebird being scrapped, whether manual or auto, Grab the crossmember, THEY ARE BBC SPECIFIC!!!!!, Grab the fan shroud THEY ARE BBC SPECIFIC!!!!

    I will share the difference in frame mounts for the engine later when I find mine, Now after seeing the diffence in offset, you can understand why 48 years later, you still see headders beaten almost flat on the steering box side, you see engines in cars crooked, no fan shrouds etc..
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    Additionally, even though you can use the above Th-400 crossmembers with a manual trans, the correct crossmember is made different, I will post pics when I find mine,

    Also the above applies to 68-72 Novas, And the 67-69 standard firebird air conditioner suit case is also BBC specific,


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      Excellent info!

      Thanks for sharing this Tanner! While I don't have a BBC engine to go into any of these cars, I've got to think (as you mentioned) that this info is greatly needed by folks that do. I can try and add a few tags to the original post to help it show up in searches better, if you'd like.


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        be great, im going to add a little more info and a few more pics when I find the rest of parts