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  • Jon Kasse-MEL engine and Engine Masters

    If you read this...and what he came up with for the'll understand why I consider this guy one of the smartest dudes on the planet! He's ALWAYS thinking out of the box on his builds and WINS!!


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    How COULD you as a tech inspector ever get ahead of a guy like that! On a different level, I tell ya!
    "I didn't epoxy or weld em" (when I moved the entire combustion chamber down about an inch!)

    I didn't do what you told me I couldn't do. I just did what you didn't say I couldn't. LOL!!!!


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      He's my guy!!

      Years ago he went against the norm and built a mega stroke/small bore 385 series Ford for the pump gas contest. His thoughts were he needed to NOT have piston dwell at TDC very long like the usual thoughts but to get it away as fast as possible to drop pressure and not detonate. He had to install longer sleeves so pistons wouldn't fall out of bottom of the bore. Long stroke/short rods and pistons that looked to be about 6" tall (exaggeration) but it flat worked!

      Troughs for flat tappet cams to sit in so he could direct oil away from them. Crazy looking monster headers on his Mod motor Ford with two tubes per cylinder, and on and on.



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        Just remember, it's guys like this that we've got to thank that our lowly pushrod engines are now turning out the hp, torque and fuel mileage that they do! That ingenuity isn't taught, there's actually something going on in their gray matter that allows them to totally remove the box. Pretty cool stuff, and thanks for sharing!