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Nuclear re-construction- going back together....

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  • Nuclear re-construction- going back together....

    Getting the shortblock back together after the unfortunate piston melting excursion.

    Luckily the cylinder and deck weren't pretty much a freshen up deal.

    Honed it with a flex hone. What appeared to be some marking stuff at the same spot as piston damage on the #1 cylinder wall was a little aluminum from piston. Came right off.

    Cleaned up the block with the pressure washer (hadn't used it in two years...took a little time to get it back in the game!).

    Threw some paint on it before oil drips all over it. The brass freeze plugs have been in it since original assy. 17 years ago. I like them to look I cover them with grease when painting. I'll then use some Scotchbrite to shine them up.

    Spent last night gapping the Speed Pro Hellfire rings...that's always fun.

    Laid the Callies crank back in place with new bearings. Old ones looked fine...but "while you're there" right?

    Went over all the pistons to be sure all was good. Ring grooves are issues. The Oliver rods are also perfect. Rod bearings looked perfect on disassembly also.

    Thought I had some rod bearings in stock...turns out I didn't. Ordered them from O'Reilly's at 7:30 this morning and picked up a few hours later. "While you're there" right?

    Got 7 pistons loaded back in place. Still waiting on the new one from Diamond. Hopefully soon.

    Also need heads back from Brodix...again hopefully soon. And a set of Cometic head gaskets haven't got here yet. Everything else I think I have.

    I've got a new timing belt to install on the Jesel belt drive. Other one looks fine but it's been there a long time too. Also new seals for it.

    The cam was sent to Bullet to see about re-grinding it with a few more degrees of duration and re-arranging the timing events somewhat. I'm spinning the heck out of this thing (more than I thought I would) so might as well tweak it a little.

    I've got a new set of roller lifters to install. The old ones have been there for 5+ years as well as took a 2500 mile road trip when it was N/A.

    So, I'm going back together as quick as possible. I was scheduled to do a track rental last weekend, but of course had to bow out. But I will be back at it as soon as this thing is back together!

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    Gotta say, that is quite the rebound.

    And, it appears that this did turn into an SOI. Good for you!

    Interesting thing to note, is that when you use the good stuff, that 20-year agreement for upgrades may be significantly reduced financially. NOT a bad thing! Love seeing the progress, and I'm curious, how much different did the turbo install make for pulling the engine? They're tucked in there pretty tight, but then again, you have a lift!


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      The heads just landed a few minutes ago! Christmas slowed down delivery a little I suppose! No cam yet....or head gaskets ...but hopefully soon.

      The turbo's don't make it hard at all. They stay sitting on the frame tucked up out of the way.

      But I did try something different this time. Usually I shove the car off the lift and use the cherry picker as usual. This time I lowered the lift down onto 4 jackstands that allowed the cherry picker legs to slip underneath the ramps. I already had heads not too terrible to lift it the extra few inches. Now going back in there with the heads on it may be a little scarier lifting higher...but should work. I need to add a removable cross beam above lift so I can pull it with a chain hoist ot electric hoist maybe?



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        Will be great to see it up and running again. Now you're going to have to re-learn your launch!


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          Cam arrived today...but just barely!!

          Somehow UPS decided to take it to my old house in this same town...but I haven't lived there in almost 5 years!! The address on the box from Bullet was correct....but when I looked at the tracking number on-line they had somehow got my old address in there. How does that happen? They've delivered other stuff to my current one! Luckily the people remembered my name and could see my phone number on the label and called me. Also luckily they had THAT address instead of the one in Utah where I lived before moving back to this same town and buying a house on the other side of town. Oh well...strange stuff!

          Anyway,,,cam looks nice from the re-grind. It ended up being a 255/257@.050 with .741/.725 lift. It has a 114.5 LSA. They say to install it at 110 ICL.

          Old cam was a 248/248@.050 with .756/.714 lift on a 114 LSA. I had it installed at 114 ICL. Both lift figures are with 1.8/1.7 rocker ratios.

          So.....all of this adds up to I'll be opening the intake valve 7.5* earlier and closing it 0.5* earlier. The exhaust will open 9.5* earlier and close 0.5* earlier. All of this is geared to give it a chance to allow the little turbos more time to get exhaust out...should spin them harder with earlier opening of exhaust and get it out quicker. The added intake duration should help the power overall. We're adding 7* of overlap...from 20* to 27*....but that doesn't seem to worry anyone with this cam.

          Time to get to work this weekend!!



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            This is borderline slide-rule stuff!! LOL.

            Thanks for the update on the cam. Funny how that address stuff happened, and you'll likely go nuts trying to figure it out! Thankfully, it made it home.

            Let us know how it works, and it's at moments like this that us mere mortals look at our worn, tattered cam cards and start to wonder..... Hmmmmm?


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              Finally some progress this week! The Holiday's seemed to slow down production of parts and shipping had all sorts of issues. Plus it's freaking cold in TX this week. 15*-20* in an uninsulated shop is chilly! Normally insulation isn't a big issue in TX....supposed to be back in 50's by the weekend.

              Went through the fun process of assembling the belt drive. PITA to put it all together but sure is sweet when it comes time to degree the cam!

              Then there's the fun of tightening rod bolts with a stretch gauge. My Oliver rods have ARP 625 bolts in them. Suckers take right at 120# to get them to the .0062"-.0067" stretch! (even using ARP slick-em lube on them!)

              My first set of head gaskets arrived bent pretty bad....and that's after waiting for Cometic to make them and get them to Jeg's who shipped them to me. So I sent them back and just ordered new ones directly from Cometic. Costs a little more but at least they know how to box them so they don't get destroyed! They just arrived today.

              The heads came back the other day also. They look nice also.

              Now time to get this thing screwed together and back in the car. I've got a track rental lined up for February 25th!!


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                Looking great!

                Ya scared me a bit with that first photo. ya had a few extra lobes sitting out the front! Made me wonder where they added the material!

                That ol belt drive has served you well. Good to see it's still going strong after all those miles. And I'm not sure who's more excited to see it running, you- or us!

                Either way, good luck and stay warm! At least it's not white and fluffy, right?


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                  I was trying to decide if I wanted to put all of them in. You know.....1/2 race, 3/4 race or Full race.......

                  The belt drive is cool. Old belt looked OK....but not a place to have it go bad. Pricy little dudes though!!



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                    THAT's what they meant by that!!!!

                    Makes sense why race engines idle like they do. Think about it- the factory installs camshafts all the way in- STOCK. Then, if you want a 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 race cam, then you leave that many sets of lobes out. That explains why they run rough at idle Now, about those "full race" cams, do they just leave the cam out? Does that mean that a camshaft actually cuts horsepower? !!!!!

                    My world has just been rocked.....

                    Now I know.. Thanks!

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                  Made some more progress today. Weather much nicer....but only got to work on it for a few hours.

                  Oil pan TDC on balancer...installed heads.....

                  Just gotta set up the rockers, adjust valves...and then go to sticking it in. I'll install intake after it's in the's a little elaborate to put together.

                  It'll be nice to have it back is a mess from thrashing!

                  See it...does have "oval ports"!!

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                    And that's a nice shot. Ever thought of doing this for a living?


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                      I tried that for a while......but I lost my "sugar daddy"!! I need to get back on the horse....I've got projects to do!!



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                        Too funny. And, careful what you ask for!