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What a valve job should look like....

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  • What a valve job should look like....

    This pic was posted recently by Mark Jones (VortecPro). As I've mentioned before, I've been to his shop and seen his work. Very meticulous and really cares. He makes big power without spending stupid money because he pays attention to details.

    I think a lot of people just looked at the shiny valves but failed to look closely at the imprints of the actual seating surface on the valve.

    If you look at the intake valve on the right...see how narrow the seat is vs the exhaust valve on the left. Look at the placement of the seat out near the edge. This is a way to "maximize" the size of the valve seat and get as much area as possible with a given valve. If it was lower on the valve...the "hole" for air to flow through would be just that much smaller even though it had the same size valve as a head with a poor valvejob.

    Notice the wider seat on the exhaust valve to help dissipate heat which requires it to be more centered.

    Some guy hacking with a valve grinder or even an automated machine doesn't guarantee true craftsmanship.

    And we aren't even talking about the work in getting the seats/flow correct on the head itself!

    Attention to detail makes the difference in an average one and a "Gee Wow" motor when you stuff your foot in it.

    Thanks for posting Mark!

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    Thanks for posting!

    Ya know, I'll bet there are so many things just like this that contribute to making a positive difference in how an engine runs. Heck, we talk about which day of the week something was built on having an effect. Just imagine how much could be had if someone STRIVED to do better!

    Very cool stuff, and I like how you show the difference even between the intake and exhaust valves. It's one of those things you likely don't think about, but when it's explained to you, turns into a "well THAT makes sense!" moment.

    Do you know if VortecPro has any knowledge of about what difference such items bring to the table? Quite time consuming, but I wonder if he ever dyno'd a "slapped together engine" and then tweaked and re-dyno'd the same engine. Perhaps a customer sent one that wasn't quite right and he sorted it out? His work speaks for itself, but being able to put a number on it would be very interesting if quantifiable.
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      I've seen him post some dyno sessions from engines brought in before and after. Might be worth a call to discuss. He plays with ring packs, piston/skirt shapes, oil system mods etc and it all adds up.



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        Think he might be interested in talking to some schmo behind a keyboard? Would love to not only know more about the real-world benefits, but also, maybe get some info out there on it.


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          He's hungry for publicity. Tell him you're the guy who kept me busy doing articles. He'll be glad to talk to you.



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            Will do!