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Going back together..hopefully fire it up tomorrow!

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  • Going back together..hopefully fire it up tomorrow!

    Crazy cold weather and work got in the way of getting anything done last week...but the sun is out and it's 80* in TX today. Great day to play in the shop!

    Got all the shaft rockers installed and adjusted, crank trigger/pulleys installed, misc fittings, install flywheel and clutch and get it ready to drop in.

    I pulled/installed it differently than I ever have before but it worked well. My previous shops were built "long" where I could get everything ready to pull and then roll the car off the lift and use a cherry picker as usual. But with this shop...I'd have to roll it outside the door which is undercover...but it was cold.

    So I got it all ready and lowered the lift onto 4 jackstands. This held it up high enough for cherry picker legs to go under the lift platforms. It seemed a little scary because it makes you lift the engine higher due to height of the ramps as well as the space they are off the floor. But it all worked fine! I was able to drop it in with the hood still in place, the radiator/shroud still there. Everything just clears perfectly and it dropped in with no drama at all. Slid right on the trans and right on the mounts. I'm a lucky man!!

    Tomorrow I'll finish bolting everything up and install the intake manifold. I decided to leave it off while installing to allow me to get the chain down in the lifter valley so I could lift higher, plus it might get damaged. Lots of pieces on that dude!

    I've got a track rental lined up for Feb need to get it out and a few miles on it before I hit the track!

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    I'd be a little nervous sliding that bear over those fenders! But, if anyone can do it, you sure can!

    Great to see you getting it all together again and I'm dying to hear your impressions with the different cam. Will it still run under the "weenie" banner or have we moved on from the school bus line of bumpsticks?


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      It actually dropped right in like it was glad to be home! I got everything bolted in but decided to do a little surgery on the intake. Aluminum chips EVERYWHERE!

      Actually not a huge deal...but took some grinding. Since I used an 8-71 Blower intake...they have a center bar across the middle of the plenum that matches the bottom of a Roots blower, That center bar has a wide support that goes all the way down to the plenum floor with two small pathways on either side of it connecting the front/rear sections of the plenum. I had made the big adapter plate and the plenum to match with divider bars in each of them. I decided it would be better to take all of it out of there and just make it one huge open plenum box with nothing in there to interrupt air flow. Doubt it makes much difference...but had to try. A lot of grinding on all 3 pieces.

      I'll install the intake and get it running this weekend. Everything else is ready.

      BTW- there are rumors a certain blue Vette "may" be on the event t-shirts!! Wouldn't it be cool to have Lambo, Viper etc folks walking around with an old Vette on their shirt??



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          That would be VERY cool Jim!


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            Feb 25th...Houston Track Rental. They have 10 spots left.......time for some folks to come join me. I keep begging Larry to bring the Nova.....but he wusses on me.

            Whole track to your self almost...plenty of for much better can you get than Baytown in February?



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              IT'S ALIVE!!!!

              Had sick grandkids visit last week...spent Saturday in bad shape. Today is good though so back to work!

              Cleaned up intake and started the LONG process of putting it all together. It's got a lot of little nuances and everything has to be just right to make it all fit as far as all the wiring/plumbing. Works great...just a specific order to install things. There's a lot of hidden stuff in the back of that thing....but I like that it looks simple/clean when you look at it.

              Only exciting moment was when I turned the key on to pressurize the fuel system and the fuel pressure sensor decided to die and spray fuel everywhere. Glad that didn't happen when I was driving it. I may need to rethink where all that stuff is's pretty hot over there. Anyway, an 1/8" pipe plug temporarily took care of that and it fired right up! Sounds pretty good for the short time I ran it.

              Ordered a new pressure sensor...interestingly Jegs/Summit show the exact same price as the Holley list price on their site. What's up with that?? $120!!

              Got all the pulleys, water pump, PS and fan back in ready to drive soon!



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                I am ALWAYS amazed at you guys who tear down an engine, swap stuff around and get it all back together in a fraction of the time it takes for me to swap out a distributor cap!

                Glad to hear it came together with just a little drama. Now to see how it RUNS!

                As always, half the 'net is living the life vicariously through your posts. LOL!


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         folks are going to have to step it up a little....I'm getting tired!!



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                    Duly noted.

                    In fact, the supercharger comes off this weekend! Sending back for bearings. Then I can DRIVE it again!


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                      NOW we're talking!!! Let's get some boost ready for the summer!!

                      Got some of those 1 mile races in Florida you know.....



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                        Even with the 50-some thousand miles I've put on the car since we got it running, the number of miles that have been put on that car at WOT could be in the form of a decimal point for all I know. The throttle blades HAVE seen 100% before, but for a whole mile? That would definitely give the HP time to tune!


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                          That's how I got started....looking for a place to "run it out" to see how the tune was. It was good!!



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                            I haven't updated things in awhile.

                            First race on Feb 25th got rained we're postponed for awhile. Probably good thing...because my car has been hating on me lately! Plus that work stuff and travel has really got in the way!

                            As mentioned fired up and sounded great and I ran it in the shop for a good bit. I got everything together and took it for a road test for about 20-30 miles or so. Ran OK...but had some missing when I rolled into it. Oh well...old plugs I supposed. After it sat a week or two, I fired it up again and the thing all of a sudden smoked like a freighttrain! I mean "can't stay in the shop" type smoking with fans running to draw it out!

                            Hmmnnn...checked things over and finally pulled the intake plenum back apart. Intake was full of oil. Double hmnnnn. Never had that happen in my life. So now have to decide if it's from gaskets, heads or unreal wet cylinder pushing that much oil back in there. (Never had that happen either) Hard to tell because all plugs were wet with oil. So I pulled intake. Gaskets weren't sucked in or pushed out...but were awful wet. The only thing really changed on any of this stuff was I had installed custom .070" Cometic gaskets to provide a little more piston to head clearance than my previous combo. Trying to be safe and turbo motors don't seem to like mega tight quench areas. .029" thicker shouldn't have made much difference....but the heads and intake faces are milled a lot. So I ran to Summit night and got some thicker intake gaskets and put it all back together.

                            I took it out for a drive and there was no oil smoke. I still had the "wet" plugs in it initially and hoped they'd clean off...but it missed under slight loads. So I put in a new set and it did a lot better. Then one of the Jesel rocker arms broke and it went to running pretty bad obviously. Side note..these Jesel Sportsman 1.8 intake rockers have died one at a time over the last 7-8 years. They were the victim of some over zealous adjuster tightening during a dyno session at the SAM school. The replacement rockers are shot peened and have never failed.

                            Anyway...made it back home and replaced the rocker. Took it back out for a drive and it did OK...but still had some occasional missing and it didn't like going under load. Wasn't sure if it was plugs, wires or what. Let it sit another weekend and fired it up. Guess what...smoking like crazy again!!! So after long contemplation...I jerked the intake and heads back off of it and reinstalled everything with a set of my "normal" head gaskets and thin intake gaskets that have always worked. PITA!! LONG weekend in the shop!

                            This time I pulled the new plugs out that were wet as heck and installed a set of my old N/A hot plugs I had laying around. They were old...but not fouled. Took it out for a drive and it was much better again...then another rocker died!!! I had a spare new one in stock so dropped it on and it sounded good. no smoking.

                            So I ordered two more rockers this week. One to replace the last of the "original" ones that hasn't died yet...and one for a spare just in case. That gives me two intakes and one exhaust in stock if I need them.

                            I dropped on the new rocker today. Then I decided to go ahead and fix a couple of injector wires I'd pinched during the thrash. Don't really think they were causing any issues...but they might some day. So I cut out the possibly damaged little sections and soldered it all back together with some heat shrink tubing.

                            Fired it up. It lit instantly and no smoke. Sounded strong again. I took it out for about 10 miles to get some heat in it and managed to stuff my foot in it some. FINALLY it liked me again. Even though it still has the old N/A plugs in it, it never missed, popped or did anything bad except run like a MOFO!! I rolled into it as hard as the drag radials would allow on a farm/market road with some traffic on it and it was all good. About time!!

                            So as you can imagine....I'm a happy camper right now. Hoping it all stays good when I put some new plugs in it tomorrow and go for another test run! Wish me luck!!



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                              Went for another shakedown run today. Went about 40 -45 miles or so. Didn't swap plugs yet...but it ran well. NO SMOKING!! I think things are finally looking up on this beast!!

                              Fun riding around with open exhaust!!