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Working on Daily Driver's sucks...

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  • Working on Daily Driver's sucks...

    So my little brother bought a bunch of front end parts for his '99 Nissan but has never done that type of work before. So he asked if he could use my lift and I could help out. Sure...come on over.

    Of course it's hotter than heck yesterday...but we get to it about 10:00 am. I wasn't sure what exactly we would be doing...but I told him he would be doing most of the work and I'd help and supervise.

    Turns out it was a new P/S rack and pinion and lower control arms/bushings. Oh boy!

    Not so bad I guess....of course all the mess from the leaking rack helped lube up the bolts so they came out easy! We got it all done finally after repairing a few stripped bolts (he's new at this!!). Used my QuickTrick alignment tools to adjust the front end to specs and all worked out well.

    I did manage to clean up the shop a lot and replace a bad ballast in a shop light while he was working...but somehow I still managed to be covered with grease too by the end of the day!

    I don't mind working on Hot Rod stuff....but I hate daily drivers!!


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    I hear ya! Exspecially in this heat!

    Now, in your case, the hot rod IS your daily driver, right?