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Are the "classic" cars starting to slide?

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  • Are the "classic" cars starting to slide?

    I stumbled across this nice looking '32 Pheaton in a Hemmings ad. The price made me take a second look. It appears to be a nice car and while the interior isn't shown, even if it's been "sat in a few times" I think this might be a pretty good deal for someone wanting such a car.

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    So, that got me thinking about the rising and curving tides of car sales lately. We've seen 'em go sky high (over-inflated) and all-but crash. While some stayed pretty secure, others are starting to rise again. Others still, seem to be trapped in the "late-2000s". So, is the market changing? Is a younger generation sifting through lots, looking for a new brand of jewel? What are your thoughts?
    This Phaeton was built back in the 1980s based on a genuine 1932 Ford frame -- not a reproduction -- and it is titled as such as well.

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    No way you'd build that car from scratch for that price I don't think. I've always heard that folks tend to crave the cars they thought were cool in high school and to a lessor degree college. The young years are the critical ones. I think there will always be a market for the old ones and the "good" ones will command a price. I also think there was a lot of speculation that jacked prices for years to unrealistic levels. The rusted out hulking junk I see selling for $5K-$10K as rollers is a direct result of the big auction houses and the publicity. The younger folks who would have bought the car as project and invested tons of $$$, time and love into it over the years has been priced out of the market. Every 350/2BBL Chevelle doesn't have an LS-6 pedigree. As a result people build what they can afford.....which sadly turns out to be 4 door imports. Maybe it's just me...those cars have no "soul".



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      Maybe it's time to start pumpin some power into all those Chevettes, Pintos, Gremlins and Pacers! LS-swapped Citation anyone! Maybe a transverse Northstar from a Caddy instead of muckin up the floors? Hmmmm, got me thinkin'.....