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Well, I guess I'm gainfully employed again!

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  • Well, I guess I'm gainfully employed again!

    Went and did it- got me a job! Sorta...

    I've been doing some freelancing for the Power AutoMedia guys in California. General stories and stuff. Kept me busy and helped pay the bills. And then, they started going around and buyin' up other titles from Xceleration Media. Interestingly, they were the folks that purchased the old magazine I used to work for. OF course, they didn't need my services, so the next two years rolled by.

    As things typically happen when you buy up stuff like an entire publishing firm, people shifted around and that left a vacancy on their Corvette Online title. It's only web-based, but there's enough news stories, features and social media posting to keep someone hustling. So, they asked me if I wanted the gig. Hey! I know a thing or two about Corvettes!

    So, I'm getting my chip inserted this week and will likely spend the next week figuring out where all the light switches are. Should be interesting. Will still be hitting up the board here, as well as turning wrenches on a certain '85 Corvette beast of burden in the driveway. Will keep you all posted on how it goes and here's to a lot more great stories to tell!

    Andy B.

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    well congradulations!!!!! be sure and post a link so we can follow the adventure!!!!! good luck


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      Congratulations. Vette's are in your DNA...they made a good choice!!



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        Thanks guys! It's going to be a ride, that's for sure. But, as 540Hotrod said, it's kinda like old-home week. Feels good to be getting back into the groove of things.

        Feel free to check out the webpage at I'm sure there will be a LOT more stuff from me on that site! LOL.

        Plus, I'll still be here as well. Y'all are like family!


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          You're being shared......good article...even has sound effects!!



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            Very cool! Thanks for the head's up! And yeah, that's one thing about this digital stuff, video and sound! I mean, what's the one major selling point of camshafts? THE SOUND!!!! Digital allows you to promote that. Cool stuff!


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              Congratulations Andy. Hope the best for you. If you ever get the chance to come to the real World, Texas, drop by and I will buy you lunch/dinner. Would be nice to meet you.


              • C5rider
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                That would be awesome. Thank you, and again, another reason to head back to Texas!

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              Congratulations Andy ...