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    Jim, you remember us going over off hardy, down water tower road and looking at a 70 hemi charger body?? what was that guys name? never saw that car again, always wondered where it went, Dallas I'm sure

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    I'm drawing a blank on that one...

    Donny and I located a Hemi Satellite in a pasture out by the airport. Dale Lake had it once and somewhere along the line the Hemi evaporated and they put an old style 318 Poly in it. Not sure if Ray or the other Hemi boys ended up with the engine. Still had Hemi badges, K-Frame etc. They cobbled the 318 in there and welded up the pipes. Someone got it and took it away later.

    Remember the "clone" red Hemi Cuda Knapps had? It had all the good stuff from a wrecked Hemi car they had put in a 340 car. Dana 60 etc. I drove it once planning to buy it for $3500...but it was so slow I couldn't stand it. Of course it could have been fixed...and I wish I had it now!!



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      I had a black 67 R/T that I got from Dale Underwood .. It was a real Hemi car , 727 auto car ... Dale got it with no motor from a wrecking yard and put a built 440 and a four speed .. He got the 11.5.1 pistons and a 292 509 cam from Ronnie Lee . It was strong running car ...Last time I saw it Tally had the car , I think he was working for the Olds dealer at the time ..I knew him when he worked for Tom White in the parts dept. ..


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        one day a guy walked into the vw shop, long hair mid 20s, asked me if i knew anybody want to buy a 70 charger body, told where it was, I could of sworn we went together to look at it, I clearly remember the hemi badges on the doors, it was red and I believe white top and interior, I'm sure it wasn't Jenkins that went with me, could of sworn it was you