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Went for a Cruise and a Car Show....

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  • Went for a Cruise and a Car Show....

    I was supposed to go to Houston last weekend to race at a track rental...but as you know things got pretty wet down there. It's been rescheduled for Sept. 17th.

    So today, I decided to take the Vette for a little ride up to Decatur TX for a casual "hang out and shoot the bull" type car show they do on the town square. My wife and I put the top down and hit the road. It had a good turnout with a wide variety of cars....even an unrestored 1913 Model T that was just cool as heck putting around.

    We also picked up a 2nd place award in the 'Vette category. The guy who won 1st had a drop dead gorgeous red C2.....he deserved it!

    Had a great time hanging out and talking to everyone and on the way home got to put my toe off in it a little and run through the gears (as much as the wife was ready for!). Man that's fun!!

    This was the first real drive with the Nitto NTO5 tires and new wheels. It drove and handled great and those tires were at least making a solid attempt to hold the power!

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    Very cool. And congratulations on the 2nd place. No shame there!

    So, how far is it from your house to Decatur? Can the 'Vette still keep its street cred?


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      Really not far.......round trip with some side road cruising only about 65 miles or so.

      But she cruises nice and smooth. Time for a road trip!!



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        Originally posted by 540Hotrod View Post
        Time for a road trip!!

        Now you're talkin'!!!!