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the junk that follows me home

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  • the junk that follows me home

    so this pile followed me home last summer, and like so many others before, I just put it to the side never really thinkn anything would ever happen with it, but it was a legit 442 and the deal was to good to pass up.

    fast forward to Saturday, now you all know my Buick project is my priority right now, But Saturday, I get a call from a friend,
    Hey, you don't know any body who would want a running olds 455 for 200 bucks would you? long story short within the hour im at a local guys house, there sets a 71 chevy 3/4 ton longhorn addition (rare itself)
    and under the hood is what turns out to be a running olds 455 and th-400, sounded ok had oil pressure, So this afternoon after work im going out in the heat and pulling it and bringing it home,

    Im a firm believer in storing motors under hoods, so im def going to pull my frozen motor and drop this 76 model smogger in, and heck once its in the car, might as well get it running, oh and I have those good heads on my 70 455, might as well toss em on before dropping it in, and I saw a howards cam 213/223- 480.480.-on 112, its only 120 bucks, and I got that 78 T/a 6.6 torque converter I been saving, then there is that 8.5 posi unit sitting on the bench, that's a drop in to the 3.23 single track In car, oh and a set of coated headers on cg in Houston for 150,

    its a major distraction from the buick, but im thinkn a easy fun project, that will get some of my junk off the shelves and in use at least,
    30 plus years dust rare rear bumper guards and bumper cutouts for trumpet exhaust tips and the pedigree legit 442, 455 th-400 car the car when new

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    And so it begins!! You could put on a car show without inviting anyone else!! You definitely have the knack for finding cool stuff and following through with the purchase. I like the fact that I really think I'm going to see one of these things opposed to Larry's Buick! OK...he does have the dead reliable L-88 Nova that just keeps on going!



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      VERY cool Tanner!!!!

      So, the big question. Once you get it up and running, are ya gonna wash it! Also, just rounding out the numbers, with that great deal you got on a good engine/trans, could this possibly be considered a "budget build"?

      Just remember...


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        oh Budget, yeah, probly my lowest buck build ever, now understand this thing is a pile, but its a real pile of genuine 442, budget so far, 71 442, $500.00, 76 smog 455 $200, craigs list coated headers $150. me laying on my back in the heat, working with nothing but hand tools pulling the motor after work, 1 million dollars!!!

        Larry take note, yeah me actually physically working on a project!!!
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          so driving to Houston tomorrow eve for this deal, coated 442 headers 150 bucks, I love craigs list,

          which brings project junk pile up to a grand total of $850.00


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            and project junk pile just got better, it appears what we have here gentleman, is a 1976 MARINE 455, which means crank is drilled for a 4speed (very Rare) also big valve heads, 10-1 compression, and a cam, some one has already done and adjustable valve conversion, with comp studs guide plates, roller tip 1.6 rockers and good springs,

            this changes a lot of the plan, this weekend I will get it washed up, on the stand, compression test, and run in, if all is well, pull cover verify cam, inspect bottom end new gaskets, and that beautiful blue olds metallic to finish it out!!!

            if it has a good cam, ill by by pass the t/a 6.6 converter and go straight to a 3000 stall, Johnie Humprhies had left over from a 68 firebird project.

            wont get to it his weekend but next week I will be taking a factory 70 455 intake and modifying the area under the carb,

            winter will be here soon I have full list of back to back things to test, starting out w my handy dandy G-tech Pro and of course making lots of passes at cedar creek,

            things we have to have data on, stock distributor curve vs aftermarket curve kit, ( we did this on everything back in the day) but now we can gather real data,

            Different carbs, quadrajet 750 vs 800 cfm, competition series thermoquad vs 850 and 1000 cfm (yes I have all of those)

            exhaust I plan to test w header mufflers first, then full exhaust out back, 3 inch to mufflers and 2.5 out rear, then add x-pipe, then replace x-pipe w areo chamber

            and something ive really been wanting to do for a while, test a 125hp sniper plate, I here a lot of good stuff about that little cheapo depot piece.

            any way my Buick doesn't fit in any where with all that and a full time oil field job, soooooooooooo


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              of course all that stuff does fit in a buick to?????


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                540hotrod was right! You DO fall into these things!

                Congratulations on the score, and keep us posted on how things progress. Sounds like a BLAST!


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                  Found a motivator interior pic identical to your green , dual gate , sport wheel , 8 track 71 442 interior


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                    wow your not kidding, that's the twin to my car including the factory 8-track, and his n hers shifter
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                      ok my buddy, Pontiac larry perused this little craigs list deal for the tan man, olds 455 performer intake and 2 sets gaskets, $160, and the guy drove 70 miles one way to meet me in Cut and Shoot!!!

                      this brings project junk pile up to a grand total of $860.Bucks!!!


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                        good thing about this intake is its dual pattern, holley and quadrajet, notice the area where im doing the car craft point, that divider originally came all the way up to the top front and rear, and someone did a very good job of cutting it down about a inch and a quarter,

                        this will work great with one of my holleys (1000cfm 3 barrel) and with a plate nitrous system, since all 8 cylinders can pull from the common plenum,

                        note area where, im pointing I will need to create an insert about a 1.5 inches long, to bring that area back up flat, for use with quadrajets and carter super thermoquads,

                        testing by pretty well know Pontiac enthusiast, Jim Hand has proven a noticeable gain in throttle response, 60 ft, and et. I will post that info if I can find it on line.


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                          So tomorrow, glass beading the valve covers, so I can get jump on seeing some of that beautiful olds BB metallic Blue!!!


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                            This is getting FUN!!!!! LOL!


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                              every enthusiast that has a pasture full of projects, needs his own tow truck