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9 sec Tripower '67 Vette with iron exhaust manifolds???

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  • 9 sec Tripower '67 Vette with iron exhaust manifolds???

    Check out my buddy Steve Barker's toy. It's got a 582" engine with manifolds and tripower. He used to have a 632" in it that made 1200+ RWHP with a load of N20.

    This engine has disguised Dart heads, ungodly ported Tripower intake, bored out Mopar carbs, severely ported iron manifolds (there's 3" pipes bolted to them with 12 point ARP nuts!). He's even got a Clutch -Turbo in it!

    I've seen this car and engine in person a few times....its the real deal. He's got a small block one that looks like a stock 327/350HP '67 that runs high 11's through the iron manifolds also. Steve is an incredibly talented guy who does all the work at home. If he wants to do something...he immerses himself into learning everything about it. He built his own 2.5" headers for the 632" and got them to clear everything under that Vette. He bought all the N20 scales and measuring tools to dial in the N20 setups...has a Dynojet in his garage etc. Very smart and nice guy!


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    VERY cool car! You have told me about it numerous times, but seeing it definitely makes it.

    Thanks for sharing!