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Multiple Events=Tire Poor

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    One of them was a wheeler -dealer. He wanted to knock price way down, then said he gave his debit card to his daughter that day and only had XXX amount of cash. Even when I met him in the middle on price. Was passing through town and wanted to get them on his way home. The other one was instant full price cash...he knew it was a deal. So I sent a nice note to other guy saying they were gone at full price and wished him well. Of course he instantly told me that was fine because he had found two others at near half my price as well as a set of slicks for $50. I told him he was on a roll and congratulations. Full of BS.



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      Yup. He should have bought a lottery ticket too!

      Sometimes ya just gotta cut bait and let folks life their lives. I'm all for looking for that best deal, but when it comes to shenanigans and false pretenses to get it, you've stepped over the line. Still don't know that they didn't know each other. Perhaps guy was trying to "get a deal" for his buddy, and when they found out that the deal was the deal, the other guy just stepped up to the plate. Never know I guess.

      Glad that you got what you needed out of them.