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Got a new top finally...and...and......

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  • Got a new top finally...and...and......

    I suppose it was about time! The old one was 21+ years old and it was pretty stretched out and starting to come apart at the seems after all these years of drag racing at 140+ MPH and most recently a few 177 MPH high speed runs. Gorilla tape was holding it together!

    Al Knoch was in Dallas this week at the Lone Star Classic event at Texas Motor Speedway. I went with the intention of just doing the top....but since the weather was really iffy on Friday...there were some no shows and Melanie moved into serious salesmanship and before I left I had a new top, new weatherstripping, new leather seat covers with new foam and backs, and new carpet installed!

    They did a great job and had to deal with things like a rollbar in the way, race harnesses, a water/meth tank in the rear storage compartment (for the turbos) and other little weird things I've done to the poor thing. "Lalo" never missed a beat and just jumped in wide open. He took the time to adjust the windows better than they ever have and everything fits well.

    Now if I keep using the hardtop for the high speed stuff, maybe this one will out last the last one!

    Now I need to clean the door panels....might have to go get new ones before they leave tomorrow!

    Anyway, since I've finally had a chance to get the car on the track to meet my performance goals ( going to get that 8 sec 1/4 mile timeslip soon!)...I figured it was time to start making it look presentable again.


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    Very cool Jim!

    Ya know, I've been thinking about this car stuff for a while now. Isn't it interesting that the best stories are not from the pristine, or "un-molested" examples that we see buffed to perfection on any given Saturday, but from those cars that have served their owners well, doing the very thing they were designed to do? Glad to see that the "ol' girl" got some pampering this weekend. Well deserved and now, she'll be kickin' butt with a fresh coat of lipstick!