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Analyzing heat flux

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  • Analyzing heat flux

    I'm thinking of remodelling a minivan and I'm planning to study the heat transfer within the van. I.e studying how fast it heats up from sun radiation, convection from external air etc. I'm not quite sure though if you should use flow simulation or a thermal analysis tool...If so, which tool should I use? I want to analyze the heat flux as well as how temperature is distributed throughout the van.
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    Depends on your budget. I would think that some Inside/Outside thermometers would do the trick. You could place the sensors either all around the inside of the van (including along the sides, front and dead center inside of the van cavity) and then use the display (originally the Inside temp part) as the outside temp. Group them all together and take random photos (every hour or so) with each sensor marked as to its location. That will help you see which areas heat up more/quicker. You could also place the van under cover to help eliminate direct sun intrusion through windows and see how quickly the heat permeates the shell of the vehicle through direct heat transfer.

    Once you've done the conversion, it would be interesting to re-do the testing to see how much of a benefit any additional thermal barrier or interior components might bring to the table. Even window tint has got to help. Let us know what you find out.


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      Then put a GREAT BIG A/C unit on it!