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Got a new Hardtop for the Vette!

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  • Got a new Hardtop for the Vette!

    Since speeds have been getting faster in the 1/4 and I've been doing some 1/2 mile and full mile runs....I had been borrowing Paul Joyner's hardtop to keep from blowing the soft top off the car. In fact...recently I just installed a new soft top and I'd like to not kill it too fast!

    Paul had to take his back because his car is finally ready for it was time to get my own.

    I found one for sale in Houston. The pics looked a little dark...but when I got it I swear the color is almost dead on. It's an original "never painted" top with 50+ year old laquer paint and my car has 25 year old base coat clear done in the garage of the previous owner. The sunshine in the cell phone pic makes it look a little brighter but it's close enough I'll never mess with it! How lucky is that?


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    That is one bad lookin' Midyear! So, what you're saying is that if the wipers work, you could actually drive this thing in the rain...????? You know, so Buzz doesn't get a bath? LOL.


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      Hey I've got a Detroit Speed bad boy wiper system...with intermittent!! I can go anywhere!



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        That's right! I forgot about the upgrade.... Man, you ARE set to go!


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          not only is that crazy good luck, but the car looks great with that top!!!! and the wheels!!!!


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            Just remember Jim, we're always going to say that we know you!

            No matter how much of a rock star you are and how purdy your 'Vette gets. =)