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    Originally posted by Rtanner View Post
    yes exactly, 2 psi idle 4 on a cool day, 25 maybe at speed, that damn motor was a low compression 400 2bl out a station wagon, lee put the original 400 4bbl intake on, and get this it had comp cams 305 magnum in it!!!! low compression and 2 inch exhaust manifolds!!!! stock torque converter, and 3.08s, But i still say damn it looked good!!! you remember when we went all the way to 1/4 mile track in Tyler?
    My 12 second 69 400 fb ran like 14.92 or something, and those guys had that brand new orange 77 z-28 4speed they had stuck a crate lt-1 in? and 4.10s with open headers, it was a brand new car no miles!!! I loved that car, Man I was sure disappointed my 12 sec street ride was a high 14 car at best!!! Think it ran 12s after the header upgrade though, yeah 12s for sure!!! suuuurrreeee it did, ha
    We took that black Bird out on Hwy75 one day to do a LOOONG run against my SS396 Chevelle. You said it wasn't a good drag racer, but it had a great top end. We argued back and forth about whether we were going to drag race or run from a 50 MPH roll. We compromised and ran from about a 10 MPH roll.

    When we hit it, the Chevelle did it's normal "drop from 2nd into first...get tires spinning and then slam into 2nd again" routine and easily pulled out front a couple of lengths. We ran hard and the Chevelle was still in front until about 100 MPH. That's when I started hearing that Firebird coming up from behind and as I watched in the outside rear view mirror it was obvious things were about to change. Now of course I could have shut down and declared it a win, cause I was far enough out in front for no argument...but I had to see how this played out.

    At about 120 MPH you were even with me and pulling ahead. Not sure how fast we got to, but I would guess 130-135 maybe tops. I'll take that back...YOU were going 130-135....I was probably at about 125-130 tops because the 'ole Chevelle was wheezing at that speed.

    I guess that big 'ole cam was getting with the program on the big end!

    I think that no oil pressure thing was giving you some extra power!!