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Heading out on Road Trip

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  • Heading out on Road Trip

    Well...time to hit the road! I'm going to take off tomorrow on the Harley heading east. We'll see how far I get. No real hurry..just need to be in Jackson MS by Wed morning. So plenty of time to wander and take my time. Really planned to leave Monday...but can't wait to get out there!

    I'll work Wed/Thur in Jackson and then hit the road again. I'll be meeting up with a cousin I've never met in GA and then we're riding up to KY to attend the races with the Southeast Gassers Assn.

    Those should be a blast. The cars have to be made 1967 or earlier and all speed pats have to be period correct. All four speeds, lots of straight axles, everyone has to pull wheelies. Should be a lot of gear banging, wheelie popping all over the track racing! Can't wait!

    We're also planning to run the "Tail of the Dragon" in TN on the way. I did it in a car many years ago....should be interesting on a bike. Like 300 curves in 18 miles or something crazy like that!

    See ya!


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    Hey Jim!

    Likely you're in the midst of some twisty road somewhere in the middle of where they've got to pipe in sunlight. But, just wondering how you're doing up there. Wish I could have gone with ya. Good luck and be safe!

    Plus, let us know how you did on the trip!