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Some things to keep in mind when installing valve springs

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  • Some things to keep in mind when installing valve springs

    Some good information to help keep your valvetrain happy.
    Back in the Eisenhower days of the late ‘50s, everyone thought by 2015 we’d be piloting flying cars, living on the moon, and sending men to Mars. Clearly that was a bit optimistic, but if a writer had taken a shot at 21st Century performance engines he would have expected at the very least that ...

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    For those of us who like to rev things...the minimum clearance for coil bind is often missed. For years it was thought to run the spring with a larger clearance as long as the pressures were right to not over stress it. Turned out that was wrong..better to squeeze it tight.

    I've got a buddy who just put together a 1025 HP N/A small block on PUMP GAS using some of the LS conversion heads on a regular smallblock. 457". The valvetrain was developed on a has .900"+ lift....makes peak HP up around 8600 rpm and spins beyond that...and only has 150 psi on the seat!

    They ran a single 4BBL version also and said it actually did a little better than two carbs with race gas. This goes in my buddy John Wilson's red '67 Chevelle street car. It's a VERY well setup car. It's run 9.0's on old small block...and low 9's with a pump gas/iron oval port headed 505" big block....

    Same guy setup another high RPM small block engine a few years ago that won N/A small block at Drag Week in a similar looking car. Also had .900" lift...drove cross country with 4.88's!! Same low spring pressure. The stuff works!