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NASCAR Boss 429 Dyno test

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  • NASCAR Boss 429 Dyno test

    This dude sounds wicked!! Nearly 800 HP at only 6300 RPM?? Who says those big ports are lazy!! Pull starts at about 4:15...but great to just listen to it idle!

    NASCAR Boss 429, 793.2 HP @ 6,300 RPM, 727.2 lb. ft. Tq.@ 5,000 rpm. All 1969 NASCAR parts including Magnesium Factory Dry Sump. NASCAR 1050 CFM Dominator list #4575

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    Funny thing. You mentioned the idle. When you think about it, an engine sitting on a dyno with the pipes routed outside the building is really quite noisy. Differently than the exhaust note noise, you really get an idea of the "mechanical-ness" of the engine. But man! Can you imagine what the sound was like outside?!!!!!


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      Lee"s, boss 9, made enough power to leave 2 very black rubber marks for a whole 1/4 mile of solid concrete, from the Navarro drive in to tiger field!!!!!!
      And those rubber marks stayed visible for months and months!!! I don't even know if that car had a tach, but I don't remember it even attempting to nose over between shifts!!!


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        Oh and that was on slicks!!! turning on solid concrete,
        We had the first all concrete 1/4 mile in Corsicana, 20 years before Tx Mortorplex!!!