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Went to the track...didn't quite make it....

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  • Went to the track...didn't quite make it....

    Well….I made another attempt at the 8’s today…but didn’t quite make it. :

    Weather was great…just wasn’t able to pull it all together yet. But it was still a good day!

    I’ve been working on the clutch tune. If you recall last time I was slipping almost all the way through even after adding a lot of base pressure to it. This time, I’ve added a lot of centrifugal to help hold at higher RPM…but I left in most of the added base pressure too because I just wasn’t sure if it could hold.

    First run when the track was freshly glued and an easy launch netted a 1.43 60’ and a 9.36@151.14. OK…it’s in the game. Not great…but working OK for first hit.

    Next run I tried a harder launch and that didn’t work so well. 60’ fell off to a 1.60 but twisting it a little harder and running it out the back door in 4th again got a 9.50@153.28.

    The next time I tried a harder burnout. That was even worse…got a 1.66 60’ but 1/8th mile MPH on the last two runs had been 122.74and 123.49 as compared to 118.57 on the first run. It seems to like it when I spank it a little. I tried grabbing 5th gear this time which pulled it down pretty hard but it still ran a 9.41@155.44.

    Now if I could just put the launch of run #1 with the MPH of run #3 we’ll be in business. But since launching wasn’t getting any better, I figured the logical approach was to do a “granny” launch along with trying to add some power with 2* more timing on the top end (been pretty conservative on this). Added power is always good right? Well…it worked pretty well…I got a1.52 60’ along with a 9.19@157.83. I ran it out in 4th gear…and for those of you playing at home…that put me at about 7750-7800 RPM in the traps.

    After this run I noticed an exhaust leak sound. I had found a crack in the reducer off the right header going to the right side turbo after the TX Mile runs a couple of weeks ago. I welded it up and turns out my welds held…but it just cracked on the other side now. Note to self…time to build better pipes between headers and turbos. I think they have been glowing a few times probably!

    But what else to do but go make another pass right? It was pretty much a repeat of the last run with a 1.57 60’ and a 9.25@157.72 MPH.

    Now I’ve got a pretty big exhaust leak. It’s not growing back. BUT…I’ve also got a whole bunch of people having fun taking wheelie pictures…so since it wasn’t going to make power without some boost…might as well have some fun off the line right? Apparently there was a lot of conversation after this one because I dumped the clutch and it came up pretty good and then went to spinning like crazy. I grabbed another gear and drifted around all over the place getting it straight. I finished with a 1.70 60’ time and a 9.90@152.92 MPH. But we did win lot of points with the crowd and the announcer with the ability to recover it and keep banging gears from what I hear!

    So… was a good day. Got a better handle on the clutch tune. I think I can now pull some base out of it so it won’t hit the tires quite as hard and hopefully control it a little better as boost comes in pretty quickly. I also think it’s time to buy yet 2 more tires….my slicks are about 7 years old and I suppose they just aren’t quite up to the task of holding this thing.

    I’ll be back!!


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    Man! What a ride!

    I don't know which is better, having you hit an 8-second run out of the chute or reading all of your exploits while you're in the process! Either way, keep 'em coming. And just think, you, of ALL people, need tires!

    Click image for larger version

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      Here's a video of the 9.25 run.

      I'm at about 9.00.

      Here's the 9.19 run

      I'm at about 6.40



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        One thing I know for sure about Jim , He never gives up ...He will hit 8s no matter what !


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          Jim Moore, only guy in the world who is unhappy with a low 9 sec 160mph, Daily Driver!!! Tommy Jenkins would KILL to have your problem!@!!! LOL!!!!


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            I liked that one comment, "Bouncy Vette again." LOL!

            Jim's got a "bouncy Vette!"


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              Probly only needs a different set of wheels and tires, LOL, naw seriously, great all around car, that will go 8s, you know what to do, HELL if it had gone 8s easy, you would not of had anything to figure out!!!


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                I'm going to back way off on the clutch static and give it a shot again soon! I think I'm close!



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                  No doubt, maybe get a bump around button for high gear???


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                    A what???



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                      Originally posted by Rtanner View Post
                      Probly only needs a different set of wheels and tires
                      Now THAT's funny!


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                        cmon big turbo man, a bump around button, used 2 different ways, one I completely understand the other not so much, one is a 75-100 shot of nitrous only, shot in directly in front of the turbos, the other is some electric solenoid tied in some how to bump boost psi a pre determined amount 5-10 psi, sounds cool to when you say it, man he had me till I hit the bump around !!!


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                          I not hanging with enough turbo dudes apparently!!

                          Yep. Could throw some N20 at it also. Just how strong is that short lock??