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700 RWHP 1967 Corvette coupe

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  • 700 RWHP 1967 Corvette coupe

    548" Bow Tie block, N/A on pump gas. 5-speed G-Force GF-5R and IRS
    Click image for larger version

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    Got a pic of the car? Video?


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      Thanks...unfortunately no video but here's a picture. I'm taking rear end out this w/e due to a missed shift and serious over-rev...definitely hurt something. Hope to be back on the road in a month or so

      Click image for larger version

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        I have seen this car before,


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          Sweet looking ride!

          Sorry to hear about the rear end issue, but good to know you'll have it up and running soon. Let us know what you find.


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            mmmmm stock looking, old, plain, 700rwhp, I like!!!!


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              Other than the sounds coming out of those 3.5" Borla's "almost" tucked under those sidepipe'd think cool stocker.

              I drove this car last summer for a little "wring out session" to test....ahem....... high speed stability. Yep...that's right.

              First I wandered around the area at low speeds for about an hour trying to find a place to open 'er up a little. It's become quite congested in Mark's area with growth over the years. Beautiful country, kind of back roads...but everyone else wants to be on them too it seems! The good news is it never tried to overheat, burp, spit or stumble through any of that. The Bernard Mondello modified Holley is sweeeeet!

              Then I tried a little test on the exit ramp off the interstate. First roll in of the throttle in 2nd gear I was like 'Wow....this thing hooks a LOT better on these MT Drag radials than mine does on street BFG's". Then all of a sudden when I think it's all settled in and I'm going to wind it out and bang 3rd got all busy in that 3500-5500 RPM torque band you see above and tires started spinning like a son of a gun! Oh well....snook up on me...but still found 3rd and let it stretch its legs a little.

              OK...I got this now....and decided to give up on locating a long back road stretch like I can find around my house.....and went back up on the interstate. Merged into traffic at slow speed and...then let some cars get WAY out in front......slowed on down to 1st gear from a roll (just 'cause it's so much fun)....and nailed off in it again. 6500'ish comes up sorta it's 2nd gear time....still a little fishtailing...but we're off.......then we finally get settled down in 3rd....and then 4th.......and speedo is swinging past the 135-140 MPH mark....and all is good. Click her off into 5th and settle into a nice little cruise as I continue to fly by all those cars I had let get so far in front of me!

              High speed handling- CHECK
              Engine Power= CHECK
              Shifter Function- Check minus (Mark has same GF5R as me...but I agree...I sure like my Long Shifter better than his)
              Traction- Check Minus (better than mine at CHECK Minus-Minus-Minus)
              Visceral Sounds- CHECK plus
              Fun Quotient- CHECK + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + + + +


              PS- As I type this I realize the last time I drove Mark's car years ago with a Richmond 5 speed in it....he had a transmission failure soon afterwards. 3rd gear died in his just like it always did in mine with the Doug Nash. Now I suppose it's going to be my fault the ring gear is shedding pieces??


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                Paul Jpyner quit letting me test drive his cars a long time ago. Seems like something always broke during or soon after I drove it.

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              Mark...need engine pics!



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                Thanks for the kind comments. It does merge well!

                Jim, you have a way w/ words...that was a fun read haha! And yes, you *did* take out 3rd gear in the RG 5-Speed. But this one's all on me...these built 10-bolts are a bit pricier than I remember them being.


                You can test drive mine anytime you're in the area!


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                  That is nice!

                  Understanding that it's your car, and how I would do it doesn't matter much. BUT, if I were doing a car like that, THAT is exactly how I would love to have done it. You've obviously upgraded the power/performance of the car but you've left so much that makes the car great! That's not easy to do!

                  I've always had a soft spot for a big-block with the L-88 style air cleaner assembly Love that look!

                  Great job, and thanks for sharing!


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                    Update: pulled the diff and 3-4 bolts backed out and sheared off, cracking the carrier and one is embedded in the case. It also chunked the cover, so unsure exactly what is salvageable at this stage. Still not sure which direction I'm going. But I did order a new Long shifter. The unit I ordered (same model Jim runs in his 555 TT monster) is based on their NASCAR 4-speed and uses a bulkier case, much stronger springs and heavier gauge linkage. Apparently the unit I'm running is not solely designed for the GF5R and is more for street use. Chris at Long assured this would give a much more definitive shift feel with positive gates.

                    Anybody interested in a slightly used Long 5-speed?


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                      you talking transmission or shifter?


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                        Shifter...definitely not getting rid of the transmission!


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                          Just curious Ml67, how's the car coming along?

                          Any progress on the diff?


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                            Differential is coming along. Gary R, New Haven CT (GTR1999) is building it. He does impressive work. I'll post pictures at some point. Was able to save the housing, spiders and cross shaft, but required new posi housing and ring and pinion; axles will be checked last for end play (Tom's 30 spline axles).

                            I'm also getting a new shifter. Long sent a beautiful 5-speed H-pattern shifter but unfortunately it did not fit my console. They've built another.

                            Jim, can you confirm this is the correct unit? From all I can tell, this is the one that will do the trick